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Gulfton is one of Houston’s warmest neighborhoods. A new nature-based plan aims to change that

Areas like Gulfton that have a lot of concrete and little greenspace can get significantly hotter than other neighborhoods across Harris County. A new plan aims to help change that by bringing more greenspace to the neighborhood.

Sandra Rodríguez stood on the corner of a busy intersection in southwest Houston’s Gulfton neighborhood, gesturing at the vast array of concrete.

“This is a perfect location to really show the lack of trees, the lack of shade, and the amount of traffic,” she said.

Next to a gas station, a sign on a pole indicates there’s a bus stop. But there’s no bus shelter and no trees down the long stretch of sidewalk.

Rodríguez, who’s now the president of the Gulfton Superneighborhood Council, lived in Gulfton for 40 years. Like many residents in the majority immigrant community, she used to get by without a car and knows how brutal the summer heat can be.

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