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Economic Vitality

Economic vitality is essential to the success of any community and it must be rooted in a commitment to improve the quality of life of a community and its people. A great place to live is also a great place to do business! Connect Community’s focus is on developing the economic capacity of Gulfton’s newcomers; building the overall quality of life in the area; and building a diverse regional economy so that once upskilled, newcomers can find opportunity both in and beyond the neighborhood. We also believe the community possesses knowledge about the local social, cultural, and environmental characteristics, assets, and barriers that should be centered in economic planning initiatives.

Our first Economic Vitality initiative is HTX SEWN GOODS.

Why Work With  Us:

HTX Sewn Goods offers industrial sewing training, prototyping, cut and sew production and packaging.

We pride ourselves on creating liveable wages for our sewists, quality craftsmanship and care for the fabrics we use and the objects we create.

Our sewing training program provides Gulfton area newcomers with the tools and skills they need to be job ready. Once trained our sewists can work with us or gain employment at one of our partner businesses.

In our production work, we support designers throughout the process –  from initial concepts to creating patterns, prototyping and then, finally, to producing small batch apparel and non-apparel items in Houston’s Gulfton neighborhood.

Designers choose to work with us because:

  1. Sewing is a skilled craft that takes time to master and sewists (not sewers as that’s what carries your waste water) deserve pay that allows them to support their families and build wealth.
  2. We are local which means more oversight of the design and production processes.
  3. We have a network of small businesses that we partner with for sample-making, screen printing, and technical sewing.
  4. With a focus on supporting local sewists and small businesses, we continually reinvest dollars into the immigrant community of Gulfton as well as the larger Houston community.

Want to learn more about our work? Looking to have a soft good prototyped or produced? Visit or reach out to


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