Sewn Goods for Coronavirus Safety

SEWN GOODS: A Houston Collaborative

In the face of unprecedented times, the resilience of Houston is on display once again. 

Responding swiftly to the needs of healthcare workers, local businesses, and the public, Connect Community has partnered with sewists from neighborhoods across Houston, including Gulfton, to create sewn cloth face masks.

Who We Are: 

We are a collective of small batch manufacturers, non-profits, educational institutions and local sewists who have come together to produce cloth face masks. As a collaborative, we are able to use our collective skills to serve the needs of the Greater Houston community. Many of us have pivoted from our traditional production lines in an effort to step up and keep our neighbors and our city safe with high quality reusable cloth masks. 

Why Buy From Us:

Our efforts center not only on mask production but providing jobs for local seamstresses, tailors and small batch manufacturers who otherwise would be out of work. Collectively, the Collaborative is supporting 100+ jobs to the most economically vulnerable. We also donate a portion of all that we produce to our frontline public workers and healthcare workers.

How Sewn Goods Works: 

Step 1: We created prototypes for reusable cloth face masks that were tested and approved for use. Click here to download our mask patterns.

Step 2: We then connected with small batch manufacturers in Gulfton and beyond to lead efforts in production. Our goal is to create up to 80,000 reusable masks for the Houston community.

Step 3: In order to create a distributive model that promotes resilience and job creation, we partnered with Gulfton and Sharpstown immigrants and refugees who arrived in the US as tailors and seamstresses as well as small batch manufacturers to deploy these skills in making face masks. 

Step 4: We have created a marketplace for purchasing high quality, washable cloth face masks. Price per mask is as follows: 

Orders of 1- 99:   $8/mask

Orders of  100 – 499:   $7/mask 

Orders of 500 – 999:   $6/mask 

For orders above 1,000, please tell us more about your request in our purchase form and someone will contact you to discuss your order. 

For orders with custom logos and/or embroidery, please tell us more about your request in our purchase form and someone will contact you to discuss your order.

Step 5: We understand that not all organizations and entities who need masks can afford them. Therefore, we are actively raising funds to support the donation of cloth face masks, If you would like to donate or you are a 501(c)(3) and would like to be considered for a mask donation, please let us know via our purchase form and someone will contact you to discuss further. 


To make a material donation:

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