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Greener Gulfton Plan

Letter from the Community

Our team is excited to unveil this report heavily informed by local leadership, the Greener Gulfton Ambassadors, and the Greener Gulfton Steering Committee. Throughout the planning process, our team reflected on and prioritized inclusion, connectivity, hopefulness, and vitality. Throughout this report you will see how our collective vision came to fruition with invaluable input from community members and leaders.Drafting this plan meant coming together with a common vision, common guiding principles, and a common understanding. Working together with passionate supporters and consultants we have crafted a nature-based solutions plan for the Gulfton community that simultaneously addresses Environmental Health, Human Health and Wellbeing, and Biodiversity Health. Overall, while the vision and guiding principles are shared in the report, our Green Ambassadors understand how bringing life, color, smells, creativity, unity, and togetherness for all in Gulfton, including people, wildlife and plants can truly make an impact to the overall health and quality of life for our community. We hope that this report shines light on the unique neighborhood qualities in Gulfton, how nature can enhance this community, and the strong leadership that exists in this neighborhood to ensure the success of the recommendations outlined in this report. After all, in the words of our community leaders, “A success for this plan would be when the neighborhood has the tools, resources and know-how to drive the change.”


With Gratitude,

Green Ambassador Team for Greener Gulfton

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