Breakthrough Houston at Connect 

Breakthrough Houston at Connect

There are 19 primary and secondary schools in a two-mile radius of Gulfton & Sharpstown. Despite lots of quality school options, the data showed a scarcity of high quality out of school programs, with academically gifted students especially having little to no options.

In 2016, Connect Community was presented with an opportunity to partner with Breakthrough Houston to create its first expansion site at the KIPP Connect campus. Knowing that the community lacked high-quality college-bound programs, Connect committed to incubating the program for the first three years. Connect raised funds, promoted the program at area middle and high schools, assisted in student recruitment and found accommodations for out of town teachers and created a truly community-based program. In 2018, after just three summers, we had 167 students participate in the program. The program has been so successful that in 2019 it joined the newly structured Breakthrough Houston as one of its network sites. Breakthrough Houston at Connect will continue to serve the academically gifted students from the Sharpstown-Gulfton area with the added goal of recruiting from a few more area schools.

Breakthrough is a national collaborative focused on providing a tuition-free, academic enrichment and college preparatory program for young people who are curious and college-bound. They also hire and train talented college and high school students as teaching fellows who work under master teachers to gain valuable teaching experience for future careers in education. Longitudinal studies have shown that students who participate in the program are more prepared to be accepted to competitive high school programs and to college. 


Jarvis Lundy


Funding is the responsibility of Breakthrough Houston

Breakthrough Teacher Stats

36% of staff are KIPP alumni or students

15% of staff are YES Prep alumni or students

74% of staff are first-generation college students 

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