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Connect Community Summer Camps

Community Summer Camps

We believe in engaging students in a third space, outside of their home-school-home trajectory. This is especially true in the summer where out of school experiences can benefit children by increasing academic performance, improving classroom behavior and attendance, encouraging activity and healthy living and decreasing childcare costs.

To build on great classroom learning, and avoid summer brain drain, Connect Community raises the additional funding necessary to offer high-quality summer camps. Connect camp partners teach kids to code, use a 3-D printer, paint, cook, create and perform plays, musical improvisation and more!

You can learn more about the camps available for Summer 2022 here. 

In addition to Connect Y memberships, the YMCA offers sports and summer programming.


Connect Community Camps: Shaun McCowen

Summer Clubhouse: Juana Tavico


Vivian L. Smith Foundation, Many individual donors

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