Connect to Character: A Social and Emotional Learning Program

Connect to Character Social and Emotional Learning Program

Historically, schools have prioritized academics and rigor. However, in recent years, studies have shown that a child’s social and emotional learning is an important component in the growing up process. KIPP:CONNECT Middle School recognized this need and committed to working with Connect Community to innovate in this space with the help of a grant from BridgeUp at Menninger.

In 2016, Connect to Character was launched as a multi-dimensional approach to helping kids grow up. The program leverages our founding partners to work with and support teachers, parents and students. It recognizes and acknowledges the whole of the child (their body, mind, spirit and story) and guides them to effectively understand and manage their emotions. By providing students with the tools they need to successfully express themselves, they are finding a way to rise and thrive in their environments.

Our goal is to build a replicable model.


Ryan Villarreal

Project Investments To Date:

Menninger Clinic: $455,000

Noble Energy: $30,000

Lululemon: $10,000

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