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Early Childhood Learning Center

Early Childhood Learning Center

Early childhood research tells us that the single greatest predictor for a lifetime of opportunity is building a strong foundation for language and communication beginning in the earliest months of life. In looking at Gulfton’s early childhood and kindergarten readiness data, it was clear there were not enough high-quality, affordable early learning options. 

Our Connect Community partner, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, has partnered with Small Steps Nurturing Center to renovate a wing of its church. In January 2021, Small Steps will open a Gulfton campus which will serve 45 children, ages two and three, in three classrooms. Small Steps will open additional classrooms in August 2021 and 2022, eventually providing a comprehensive early childhood education program to more than 75 children, with room for future growth.


Kentasha McMorris


Small Steps: $3 million

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church: $2.5 million

(Includes renovations, campus start-up expenses, costs for the first three years of operation, and investment in our continuity fund)

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