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YES Prep Gulfton Athletic Field & Mural 

YES Prep Gulfton Athletic Field

Connect, looking for opportunities to improve existing green spaces, approached YES Prep Gufton to see if there was interest in converting their tired and worn grass field into a premier artificial turf field in exchange for public access. By leveraging resources, the field now accommodates practices, games and camps for YES Prep students as well as the broader Gulfton community without worry of wear and tear.  The YMCA also provides field programming, including flag football, thereby contributing its special brand of wellness to the community.

The YES Prep Field opened in Nov. of 2018.

The artist Carlos Alcaraz also created a mural designed by the YES Prep students that faces the new field.


Sheridan Gabrisch


SPARK School Park Program: $170,000

NFL Foundation/LISC Grassroots Program: $100,000

YES Prep Gulfton: $50,000

YES Prep Gulfton Parents, Teachers and Students: $5,000

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