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Through their role as the 'community quarterback,' Connect Community is working with partners on several parallel efforts to define goals and advance community revitalization.
Asakura Robinson

From October 2017 through January 2018, Connect Community and partners brought together over 70 organizations, neighborhood groups, and public agencies to strategize an action plan for Gulfton-Sharpstown. Four workgroups of stakeholders worked collaboratively to create visions for housing affordability and quality, transportation access and safety, community health and wellness, and education and workforce development. The planning team grouped the workgroups’ input into four themes — Empower, Connect, Nurture and Thrive– and worked to elaborate on key implementation steps and Connect Community’s role as the ‘community quarterback’ in each of these areas.

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[…] Revitalization Plan for Gulfton-Sharpstown  In the nearby Gulfton-Sharpstown area, community members and partner organizations are implementing several recommendations made by Connect Community: A Revitalization Plan for Gulfton-Sharpstown, which Asakura Robinson completed in 2019 after 2.5 years in collaboration with over 70 organizations, stakeholders and community leaders. The plan recommended four key near-term priority projects, three of which are currently underway. View the final report here. […]

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